The moorings ,What are we can hope of them?

Between the spells and rituals without a doubt the moorings as much occupy an outstanding place and this by the demand that there is of them like by the energy degree that is required.

But What is a mooring? A mooring is a magical work by which it is united to 2 people under a common feeling, generally to the margin of the will of one of them and even against this. He is requisite indispensable that exists n I tie between both such as: relation of pair, friendship, comradeship or close friends to entrono personal, do not work between 2 strangers. And How it works?

We are going to outline and to simplify the things we are going to suppose to two called personages Maria and Julio that are free and healthful. Due to our experiences of the childhood we developed what it is known like mental map that is one to guideline that determines what it pleased to us or no; that i got passionate to us no. The MENTAL MAP of Maria (a) and the one of Julio (b) fit perfect, arises then an attraction among them from natural form, are the One for the other. It observes: The mental map of Maria and the one of Pedro does not fit here in any case will do it with difficulty, but probable it is that surga nothing among them Aun if to Maria it liked Pedro this favorably did not react to her then its mental guidelines are others.

The mooring causes a called magnetism Eterico and then an attraction among them arises. We can then affirm that the mooring has the function to cause an attraction and a passion between two people where nothing had to exist. It observes: Nevertheless it remembers that their mental maps are not necessarily compatible.

Mooring = Happiness?

Sometimes when a person contracts the services of some wizard can who has exaggerated expectations on the results of the mooring they caused by the own wizard who also exaggerates with which he can obtain with his mooring.

A mooring necessarily does not guarantee a happy life of pair. If UD you think that the life with its pair from will be a bed of roses there IT MISTAKES. So that a pair relation is successful other things make lack but; compatibility, comradeship, friendship, solidarity, understanding, are virtues that no mooring will be able to never replace. Many on the other hand think that with a mooring no longer to fights or disputes with the pair speak, this also is mistaken since this depends on the character of each one of the members of the pair and of its compatibility. On the other hand some moorings are carried out under the auspices of infernales spirits.... It continued....

Prof.Martin .

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